Monday, February 22, 2010

Sketchbook update 22 Feb 2010

Yeah, another week gone. So last week it seemed everyone and their mother wanted to meet for coffee. I also managed to go and see the Princess and the Frog, and unfortunately I didn't enjoy it. I felt it had a very poor story, that was rather cliche. Animation and characters was the Disney standard we have come to expect, but perhaps I am just I little too mature for the typical Disney tale for I was left wanting just that little bit more.

Anyway, enough of my rant while I wait for my images to upload on Photobucket, so without further delay PICTURES!!

Revised image of Gilly up a pole:
Photobucket => Photobucket
Gilly tansforming into a dragon(yeah that looks kinda painful):

Random images of Penny (one of Gilly's sisters):

Ocean Uscians care for their damaged Water Guardian (Raaarh):

It's a dude, he's wearing a rock, he's wearing padding, let's call him "Paddy":

And introducing designs for Nicky's on/off girldevil - Diabhal (pronounced Deal, she's Irish and only speaks Irish according to my hubby who named her):
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

and have some Flipnotes for fun, have I mentioned I love making Flipnotes with the Dsi software Flipnote Studio? It's awesome, and its a free software on the Dsi!

Diabhal rough walk:

Diabhal's walk cleaned up a little (her undies on on display :P):
Diabhal a-winking:

 And a rough walk ZeekBeast (his walk looks more like a strut, heh), and a rough walk of the Gold Dragon that would only work when I muddled with the size in Flash >_< :


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